[Clipart] Re: [Inkscape-devel] Proposal: Merging Open Clipart Library into Inkscape

Patricia patricia.fidi01 at laposte.net
Mon Jul 10 02:08:27 PDT 2006

Bryce Harrington write :
> (...)
> I would like to not see openclipart die out as a project.  I think it's
> a good idea and has caught on well with artists.  However, there aren't
> enough people actively working on it - heck, there aren't really even
> enough people to put in the time to get others working actively on it.
> I find most of my own ocal time is spent doing infrastructure work that
> is literally duplicate work for Inkscape (wiki de-spam, account setup,
> etc.)

Sorry to speak about wikipedia or wikicommon again but we should see 
this point :
why wikipedia and wikicommon have a lot of contributors ?
I think because they use completely the wiki.

Maybe the main page of openclipart should be a wiki... See 
In the left menu of OCAL we keep the search bar, upload/download single 
clipart or package, news, faq in all languages...
We give the possibility to users to modify pages in their languages 
(some won't be open for security), to add beautiful pages, to download 
and manage clipart (best colors, forms, metadatas) like we do in 


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