[Inkscape-devel] [Clipart] Re: Proposal: Merging Open Clipart Library into Inkscape

Nicu Buculei (OCAL) nicu at apsro.com
Mon Jul 10 02:31:22 PDT 2006

Patricia wrote:
> Sorry to speak about wikipedia or wikicommon again but we should see 
> this point :
> why wikipedia and wikicommon have a lot of contributors ?
> I think because they use completely the wiki.

I think the real reason is because the barrier to entry to become a 
contributor ti wikipedia and wikicommon is very low. In your example it 
happens to be a wiki, which by definition is the CMS with the lowest 
barrier to entry.
Being at OCAL from almost the beginning, I remember Bryce  always 
advocating for a low barrier to entry in both OCAL and Inkscape, we 
tried all the time to keep it low, but it appears we reached a limit.

> Maybe the main page of openclipart should be a wiki... See 
> http://commons.wikimedia.org

 From my limited experience with ccHost, once having it working it 
should give a barrier to entry for new contributors as low as a wiki but 
with added features (ratings, sorting, etc.)

> In the left menu of OCAL we keep the search bar, upload/download single 
> clipart or package, news, faq in all languages...
> We give the possibility to users to modify pages in their languages 
> (some won't be open for security), to add beautiful pages, to download 
> and manage clipart (best colors, forms, metadatas) like we do in 
> wikicommon.

Open Clip Art Library: http://www.openclipart.org
my cool Fedora wallpapers: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/wallpapers/

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