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For Immediate Release:

March 12, 2011 -

San Francisco + Singapore - Fabricatorz and the Aiki Framework
community of Open Source developers announced the launch of the
quickest on-line open source development software, Aiki Framework 0.8
today. The framework fixed 60+ bugs, added pluggable captcha,
auto-dashboard views of the database, and a sql query browser.

Lead developer Bassel Safadi said, "Aiki Framework is the web
framework speed champion. You can build websites fast with many
developers spread around the world. Based upon storing models and
controllers in the database and foregrounding databases, scaling is
achieved simply by throwing more servers at Aiki-based websites."

Compared to it's predecessor, Aiki Framework 0.8 provides an increased
feature set and functionality. One such feature, Auto-Dashboard, is
primed and ready to shave hours and headaches from your development
cycle. It is now possible to perform even more advanced database tasks
without ever leaving Aiki's admin interface. Through Aiki's existing
'Databases & Forms' Section, developers can now insert, edit, delete,
and browse records from any table.
Even more attention has been given to Aiki Forms in this latest
Release. SQL queries, a key to dynamic and intuitive sites, can now be
utilized to their fullest within an Aiki Form. Do you need a select
box that is populated based on existing site variables like usernames
or uploaded images? Aiki Framework 0.8 provides this. Improved
security measures have also made an even stronger case for Aiki's use
in any web development scenario. Recaptcha sections can now be applied
to any form that is generated within a site.

Helping to further bridge the gap between development and live site
results, an SQL Query test box has been added to the top of Aiki's
Admin interface. Here, site architects can run database queries and
test their results before committing code to a widget. With, SQL test
capability, the "edit->check->edit->recheck" process required in
building a stable site is on it's way to becoming a thing of the past.

"Aiki Framework 0.8 powers sites like Open Clip Art Library which
receives millions of requests a day without flinching. The Fabricatorz
have built commercial fashion sites like Yumumu (http://yumumu.com)
using Aiki to provide a powerful back-end for a boutique label. We
built Creative Commons ASIA and Creative Commons Arab World to
aggregate regional content," said Jon Phillips, Founder and Developer
for Fabricatorz, LLC. "Since Aiki Framework is an Open Source Web
Framework used to build network services, you can build your own
projects now. Also, Fabricatorz specializes in building websites and
web applications using Aiki Framework. We can build your project
faster and better."

The Fabricatorz team members are deeply involved in Aiki Framework's
progress and in creating exciting, high-profile and expertly crafted
sites using Aiki Framework as the premier development tool. In
addition to the Open Clip Art Library, Fashion Design Gallery, the
growing global movement like Sharism uses Aiki Framework and soon
several other well-known high-peroformance requiring sites. If your
business is in need of a speedy and effective web presence, hire


* Aiki Framework 0.8 Release
* New Auto-Dashboard
* Aiki Form security fixes & feature upgrades
* SQL Query testing directly from Admin Interface


* http://aikiframework.org/download

About Aiki Framework

Aiki Framework is an AGPL licensed LAMP-based framework that provides
a platform for web development that is functional, highly usable, and
fun. Aiki was founded by Fabricator Bassel Safadi and is continually
updated with the help of the other Fabricatorz, as well as the Open
Source Community.

About Fabricatorz

The Fabricatorz is a “open” production company that makes successful
projects from start to finish, including development and community
management. We specialize in Free and Open Source Software, Creative
Commons technology, growing on-line and off-line communities in San
Francisco, China and the Arab World. Our core focus is in developing
software using Aiki Framework, hardware using Qi Hardware, and
community-building around the philosophies of Sharism.

For more information

* http://aikiframework.org
* http://fabricatorz.com
* https://launchpad.net/aikiframework/+milestone/0.8
* http://aikilab.org

Press Contact

Jon Phillips
press at fabricatorz.com
San Francisco + China +
Singapore + Arab World

Press mailing list
Press at lists.fabricatorz.com
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