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David Zeuthen david at
Mon Dec 13 17:39:30 PST 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 03:16 +0300, Andrei Yurkevich wrote:
> I'd like to comment on PDAs here. There's been a discussion about
> merging properties for Palm PDAs here recently, and I am working on
> pretty much the same but for Pocket PC devices right now. What I would
> like to know is whether the specifications for PDA properties have ever
> been discussed here? I think that since different PDA platforms are in
> fact very much alike when it comes to hardware we could treat them the
> same way where possible. In any way, if David M. has already
> decided/implemented anything regarding Palm PDAs in HAL, can some brief
> overview be posted here?

There was some discussion here

but we never really got around to implementing anything. Personally, I
fell that I lack the overview of the different pda devices to build an
abstraction around it. 

My gut feeling is that most USB-based pda's just have a USB serial
adapter stuck onto them and in that case it would suffice with just
tagging that USB device as 'pda' through device information files. I
could be wrong though. 

There's also the question of making the desktop use the information we
expose, e.g. for GNOME you would have gnome-pilot listening to hal and
do it's thing when hal says "Here's a pda".

For Bluetooth pda's, I don't know. I think the approach to take there is
pretty much covered by bluez and the various desktop Bluetooth stacks -
Bluetooth is pretty much the same as networking and I'm pretty sure hal
shouldn't be involved at that level (just like hal isn't involved in
actually managing your network connections - NetworkManager is one
example of that).


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