[Bug 76749] [HSW] DOTA world lighting has no effect

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> (In reply to comment #12)
> > (In reply to comment #11)
> > > I'll see if I can spot the problem with the saturation propagation pass. I
> > > can reproduce the issue with Jordan's trace.
> > 
> > I think I've found the shader that it's incorrectly optimizing.
> I've sent a three patch series to fix some bugs in the saturate propagation
> pass. It fixes some lighting issues (the whole scene looked too dark
> before), but doesn't affect the issue Jordan's pngs show.
The patch in the attachments should fix this bug.

I am on holidays, and haven't had a chance to look at the patches for VS DCE
and saturation propagation.  I will take a look once I get back, of course
unless they have been committed by then.

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