[Intel-gfx] OpenGL Extension support on IVY Bridge

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Thu Mar 29 07:29:49 CEST 2012

On 03/28/2012 07:41 PM, Cheah, Douglas wrote:
> Hello folks,

Hi Douglas,

> I like to know if there is an active list available of supported list
> OpenGL and OpenGLES for IVY Bridge? I am looking for a comprehensive
> list that include information on hardware support instead of list of
> supported extension just like GL_EXTENSION.

Not that I'm aware of.  We currently expose the same set of extensions 
on Ivy Bridge as we do on Sandy Bridge.  If you have any specific 
inquiries, I'd be happy to answer them as best as I can.  Also, if there 
are any extensions you'd like us to support, let us know.

> For example
> GL_ARB_robustness is supported but it seem like the
> GetGraphicResetStatus() isn’t supported, is this tied down to hardware?

We're planning on implementing that soon; Ian, Eric, and Ben have been 
working out the details.

> I am also interested details on extension support that can be configure
> such as support for s3tc texture compression which looks to be a DRI
> config option.
> Douglas

For now, the two configurable extensions are:

- S3TC texture compression support

   To enable this, you need to install the libtxc_dxtn library.  Mesa
   will then automatically detect the library and use it.  No driconf
   options are necessary.

- Floating point texture support

   To enable this, you need to build Mesa with:
   ./configure --enable-texture-float

   Enabling this also makes the driver expose OpenGL 3.0 rather than 2.1.

Both of these are, unfortunately, encumbered by patents.  (Otherwise, 
we'd just enable them all the time.)  We still need to consult legal 
about this.

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