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Hello all.

Sorry for my delay answering, I got home and weather change made me stay in
bed with a terrible flu. Anyway, time to work.

I just open a small thread with some comments about the Venue requirements,
I think this is, above all, the most important things to take care of right
now. I guess that, as soon as we select a venue, we will have time and a
better opportunity  to take care properly of other matters that also will
require time and dedication.

Please, take a look to this small thread, so I can put a small invitation
letter for those venues that expressed their desire to host LGM and give
them an acceptable time-frame to fill the required information and let us
make a decision.

Thank you, good day.

2013/4/17 ale rimoldi <a.l.e at ideale.ch>

> hi,
> > On 16 April 2013 19:59, Jehan Pagès <jehan.marmottard at gmail.com>
> > wrote:
> > > I have been explained off-list that I was basically
> > > wrong
> >
> > That strikes me as odd, since I also believe that there is genuine and
> > solid interest in hosting LGM in the coming years from communities who
> > have so far been badly underrepresented due to global inequalities;
> > and they are not aware of what the right mailing lists to be on are,
> > but that should not in my opinion disqualify them from making a
> > proposal to those of us who have been involved for some years and are
> > on the right lists.
> dave, have you read my email asking for the next venue? haven't you?
> why haven't you answered to it with a proposal for argentina?
> why didn't you prepare a formal proposal in advance and brought it with
> you to madrid?
> you knew that in madrid we would have to choose the venue for 2014,
> didn't you?
> haven't we done it every year?
> why didn't you ask me at that time (in advance) to better spread the
> information?
> why didn't you prepare and spread yourself the call for a venue?
> sorry, to have to say this, but after reading all these mails, i'm more
> and more convinced that it was not a problem of right channels, but
> just a problem of lack of interest.
> before the beginning of the lgm 2013 there was only one person who was
> seriously interested in organizing the lgm 2014 and that person has
> raised his hand and candidated.
> we could have asked in any channel we would have wanted and we would
> have not got more answers.
> in my eyes the "proof" lies in how "well" the pledgie did: it has
> been spread in more channels but no significant results. but it's
> impossible to bring such proofs "a posteriori".
> if you want me to try to find a better cause for this lack of interest,
> i would rather look into a non correctly functioning lgm team.
> i really welcome the recent team enlargement and i hope that it will
> bring back the energy that was missing in the organization of the two
> last LGMs!
> and i believe it will do much better!
> we really need much more support for the local team (which in case of
> madrid did a wonderful work!!!!)
> why do i write all this? because i believe that instead of rushing
> several teams to do a last minute candidature for the lgm 2014, we
> should rather try to get them to prepare a solid candidature for 2015.
> what i fear is that, after we have been chosen the venue for lgm 2014,
> next year we will be again sitting at the closing session of the lgm,
> again with montreal as the only candidature presented, and see ideas
> popping up as an alternative, people asking for a delay in the choice
> and so on.
> as it has happened every times for a couple of years, now. (with little
> variations...)
> this is not serious. sorry.
> we have decided that we will give those teams a chance, and we will
> have to vote on it.
> but as i said, if nobody brings a real reason to not go to montreal,
> this one is for me (and i stress it: for me!) the only serious
> candidate.
> and this is not because i would not prefer to go to another place
> (leipzig probably being the place i would prefer to go to, if you want
> to know it... but the guys behind leipzig also knew that we needed a
> next LGM (they have already proposed other LGM venues...), had all the
> time to prepare their candidature, knew that we would want to choose at
> the LGM itself and failed to prepare it in time).
> have a nice afternoon
> a.l.e
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