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Yi Fan Jiang yfjiang at suse.com
Tue Aug 14 23:46:58 PDT 2012

Hi Sophie,

I agree with your point that the localization is important, while the function
and working process a tool is able to provide is also critical to meet our
goal, isn't it? :) Moztrap takes more advantage in the latter and it has an
activated development team. That's why I still believe it is worthy a bit of
thinking how to workaround the l10n solution in Moztrap.

If you are doing some research for some other tools or methods, I'll certainly
be here to support when a potential better tool or method appears in front of
us :)

Let me go back a bit to Moztrap. As I ever mentioned two types of localization
need to be concern:

    1. UI localization of Moztrap buttons, navigators etc.

    2. Test case l10n that allows people to translate existing test cases,
    according to with testers will be able to understand them.

The 1st point tightly depends on upstream framework update, I might be able to
help out to implement it in future if we reach common sense with upstream. But
it seems less important than the second one, I remember we used Litmus either
without this before?

I guess the 2nd point is more emergent in our situation since the content of
test cases should be standing understandable and suitable for language
specific function coverage. Then people can immediately start to test without
knowing much English. Noticed from the last mail, 2 workarounds come to my

    1. we do similar things what we did in Litmus that put all language
    versions test case into a single one by mixed manner.

    2. translate the test case in wiki and give the link back to Moztrap

Now I am expanding more about the first workaround. Through the split "Step"
concept in Moztrap together with a nice feature I just found that test case
steps/expected pair is "Markdown" syntax supported
(http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/syntax#list), a new
idea comes to my mind that it is possible we use the "Steps" to distinguish
various language version of a test case. Here is what it possibly looks like
the demo:


Concretely, for one particular language, we may put a real life test case
steps and expected results into one single row of Moztrap step/expected
box. Each Moztrap step would represent a full description of the detailed test
content in one language.

For creating a readable format of each steps, we can use pretty simple
Markdown language. Basically the content in the demo was populated in the text
(with a bit markdown rules) as:

Test that creating a new database - case 1

    When in English
    * launch Libreoffice Base (vp1)
    * enter a name for the database in the dialog box and click OK (vp4)
    Then in English
    1. the database application appears, the database wizard opens
    2. the dialog for "save and proceed" appears

    When in French
    * lancement LibreOffice Base (vp1)
    * cochez la case [Créer une base de données], puis cliquez sur le bouton Suivant. (vp2)
    Then in French
    1. l'application de base de données apparaît, l'assistant base de données s'ouvre
    2. la boîte de dialogue pour "sauvegarder et passer" apparaît

Test that creating a new database - case 2

    When in English
    Then in English

    When in French
    Then in French

In addition, for more concept of Moztrap, the official manual is helpful:


Also I am on my way updating Moztrap wiki pages this week:


Would you let me On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 02:55:31PM +0200, Sophie Gautier wrote:
> Hi Yifan,
> On 13/08/2012 12:08, Yifan Jiang wrote:
> >Hi Sophie,
> >
> >On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 11:14:34AM +0200, Sophie Gautier wrote:
> >>Hi all, Yifan,
> >>
> >>So after a long time (sorry for this long absence), I would like to
> >>come back to Moztrap and try to help to test it.
> >
> >Welcome back :) Please let me know if you got problem of registration.
> >
> >>My first question, the most important for us, is there now a
> >>possibility of localization for :
> >>- the tests
> >>- the environment
> >> From what I see on the todo list Yifan has written long ago the point :
> >>  5. Look into i18n and l10n of Moztrap, we need translation system
> >>for both test cases and Moztrap UI.
> >>Does it mean that it's possible, or does it mean it's not yet
> >>possible or that we need to find/define a translation process?
> >
> >I ever had a talk with the Moztrap developers and it seems neither of the
> >localization plans has been on the rador yet :( It needs some deep hacking of
> >the code if we want to do that particularly to Libreoffice. So it is not easy
> >to handle the localization in Moztrap yet.
> >
> >One way to workaround is to mix localized wording of test cases into the
> >existing English ones, as what we did for Litmus. But it is rather time
> >consuming to translate and maintain, because Moztrap split test cases into
> >steps. With this method, we need to *manually* maintain translation for each
> >test steps and their corresponding expected results. Besides, for some of the
> >test cases, localized version might not share exact steps with the English
> >version. So I did not put anything localized to the Moztrap test case base
> >yet.
> >
> >I feel it is possibly better to maintain translation version of test cases in
> >a different data set, either by hacking the existing Moztrap database or
> >putting the translation for test cases to somewhere else like wiki, then
> >manually put the link back to Moztrap original English test case.
> >
> >Any way, we currently really need more people to get involved, try Moztrap,
> >make contribution and share ideas :)
> >
> >One question is can we termporarily survive with pure English wording test
> >cases, though they are allowed to choose running under any localizations?
> I didn't replied yesterday because I wanted to think more about it.
> I feel that investing work (and you already have invested a good
> amount of work on it) in a tool dedicated to tests for average users
> in the language communities that is not localizable (or with lot of
> difficulties) is a waste of time. We will miss our goal and take the
> risk to provide one more tool (after Litmus) that is not suitable to
> the people wanting to contribute and will discourage them.
> >
> >>My second question: is there a possibility to store sample documents
> >>on Moztrap.
> >
> >Yes, one of the moztrap's nice feature is attachement support per test case :)
> that's a good point, but unfortunately less important that localization.
> Thanks for your quick answer, I will continue to seek a solution for
> these manual tests in all languages.
> Kind regards
> Sophie

  Yifan Jiang
  Libreoffice / SuSE
  Contact: yifan - irc.freenode.net/libreoffice

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