[Libreoffice-qa] Bugzilla Migration: Abbreviation to replace fdo#12345

Mat M matm at gmx.fr
Sat Dec 7 03:50:25 PST 2013

Le Fri, 06 Dec 2013 22:31:53 +0100, Robinson Tryon  
<bishop.robinson at gmail.com> a écrit:

> On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 3:19 PM, Mat M <matm at gmx.fr> wrote:
>> You should have cross-posted the vote announcement on all concerned  
>> lists,
>> then you'd been more votes.
> What are the 'concerned lists'? i10n? projects? website?  Lots of
> people interact with the bugtracker, chief among them, the QA team.

Well, I second on Norbert thoughts, and I was just saying, that, if you go  
for a vote, an announcement to the whole bunch of lists might have brought  
people in, like enlightning Norbert's views.

> For me, the abbreviation is just one small part of the bigger Bugzilla
> migration plan:
> https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/QA/Bugzilla/LibreOffice_Bugzilla_Proposal
> The reason we're having a vote now is because
> Nov 8 - I mentioned abbreviation in the proposal
> Nov 10/11 - Discussed abbrevs on the QA list
> Nov 18 - QA Meeting decided to ask ESC for input
> Nov 21 - ESC offered suggestions; said "the guys doing the work should  
> choose."
> Nov 21 - Looked for consensus on QA list
> Dec 1 - Saw no consensus; Moving to vote on the QA list
> I felt like I was working hard to go through appropriate channels.
> Perhaps if I'd spent more time I could've gotten more input from other
> groups, but at this point I feel like I've already spent a ton of time
> on just this one little piece.

You worked hard, and that was appreciated, don't misunderstand me. But if  
you don't find a consensus on the QA list, you might ask for wider  
audience, so my remark. Not a critic in any way.
You did your best and we ackowledge that.
FWIW, I also appreciate all the bug metrics and follow-up QA provides, it  
is very nice and useful.

>> Well, if you want to mimic fdo, abbrev should be loo (libreoffice.org
>> instead of freedesktop.org)
>> loo is a good trade-off : more than 2, but less than 4; different of the
>> standard lo we use to shortcut LibreOffice
> IIRC, in en-GB 'loo' == toilet
Well, I didn't check and that was more of a friday's troll than a real  

> (not that there aren't any piss-poor bug reports in FDO right now...)
>> BTW, I vote also for lo#
> ok -- vote recorded.
> If the devs really want lo#, just send in enough people to vote and
> the outcome will be certain.
> --R
brace yourselves, lo# is coming


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