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Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Tue Jan 3 10:34:27 UTC 2017

On 1/3/2017 1:17 PM, Kaganski Mike wrote:
Sometimes, a patch that was thought by me as a correct patch (ant dso was submitted for review), turns out to need some rework; and then it goes through numerous iterations until it gets ready. I don't expect initial (or other) reviewers to spend their time to review each iteration, and I don't know of a way to make already submittes change s draft (except resubmitting another change, which isn't always desirable); so when ready, I mark it "CR+1" - i.e. fine with me, but needs other's review, with accompanying comment that now I regard it ready and ask others to do actual review. As gerrit explicitly tells that it's what CR+1 means, I don't think it's a fancy thing.

But I suppose a better thing is to mark it -1 in the beginning, and revert to 0 when ready.

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