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Martin Klapetek mklapetek at kde.org
Thu Apr 28 22:33:04 UTC 2016

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 5:03 PM, Dominik George <nik at naturalnet.de> wrote:

> (OK, I can't keep my promiseā€¦)
> > People are where their friends are, that's a history-proven fact.
> I think history proved the contrary. If people were staying where there
> friends are, then noone would have moved from ICQ to Skype to WhatsApp to
> Snapchat.

Except their *friends* moved.

> People do move and switch messengers all the time, messenger preference is
> evolving more quickly than fashion in clothes nowadays. And this happens
> because companies create new things that actually solve issues, and market
> them. WhatsApp did marketing with eliminating the need for contact
> management,
> for example.
> If people stayed where there friends are, then proprietary messengers
> wouldn't
> take part in battles like they do, e.g. Facebook Messenger competing with
> WhatsApp in terms of new features, and hell, those two messengers are even
> made by the same people!
> Users do not stay where they are. The find something new and tell their
> friends. This works for WhatsApp and Snapchat, because they have cool
> things
> and cool marketing. It does not work for Telepathy with XMPP because there
> is
> no cool marketing.
> It's all about features, then marketing, then critical mass.

Precisely. Now I hope you understand my point about the need of staying

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