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On 24 March 2013 19:10, Scott Moreau <oreaus at> wrote:

> On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 6:17 AM, Daniel Stone <daniel at>
> wrote:
> > I definitely don't see it that way, and without being able to speak for
> > Kristian, I daresay he doesn't either.  There's a big gap between not
> > wanting to start a competitor to GNOME, KDE, Enlightenment, XFCE, LXDE
> and
> > the myriad other environments, and adding titlebar buttons to XWayland.
>  The
> > example clients shipped with Weston have titlebar buttons, so I think
> it's
> > fairly safe to say that a) extending the same support to X11 clients is a
> > useful goal, and b) including titlebar buttons is clearly not a non-goal
> for
> > Weston.
> Yea, these are seemingly basic features - titlebar buttons and
> resizing top/left fixed. However I think X will be around for a long
> time and xwayland should get a lot more attention. It's been
> barely-unusable for far too long now.

I totally agree, despite being one of the people responsible for its
current horrific state.

> Also, reviewing my own code
> thinking about everything Kristian has told me, he doesn't want these
> hacky patches at all. I'm pretty sure the code horribly far less than
> acceptable. Anyone is welcome to grab patches from gh and discuss them
> or apply them wherever. I myself am not going to waste my time and
> effort as I have done for the past several months, trying to get even
> the simplest things pushed upstream. So even if these patches were
> acceptable, I don't have plans to put forth a large amount of effort
> to see them upstream. If you want the code, great. It's FOSS, grab it.
> The general point here is, I don't really plan on going to be making
> special time to bug upstream anymore because my efforts so far have
> been shunned, shot down, trolled and ultimately,
> less-than-appreciated. It's been a year, now I've had enough of the
> nonsense.

OK, I guess it's no longer Wayland/Weston then (in which case the repo &
IRC channel names are pretty misleading - if you don't plan on submitting
anything, it's hard to see how it could be 'next').  Shame, but oh well.
 Next time I get some time to poke at XWayland I'll try to dig through your
fork and try to work out which patches are relevant, and hope I don't miss
any patches.

Best of luck with it.

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